Our Dynamic Pistol Applications Course focuses on the manipulation & performance application of shooting pistols. This course drives shooters to exceed their comfort levels in order to build speed in engagement & manipulation of their weapon system. This is a mobility course that will require a decent physical fitness level from each student. This course will teach you the steps and provide you with the knowledge necessary to build a confident shooter.

The shooter will primarily focus on improving their performance in on-demand applications, while also working on improving speed and how to move more efficiently. They will better understand how to manipulate their pistol in different situations and the practicality behind different shooting positions. Students will also become more familiarized with engaging multiple targets and how best to clear and resolve pistol malfunctions.


  • Performance-on-demand application
  • Speed building
  • What is a neuromuscular connection?
  • Understanding recoil
  • Mobility applications
  • Neuromuscular connection development
  • Target priority theory
  • Carry positions
  • Cognitive process
  • Environmental safety
  • Engagement speed development
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Efficient movement
  • Moving engagements
  • Pistol manipulation
  • Shooting positions
  • Shooting from non-ideal positions
  • Reloading
  • Importance of grip and bone support
  • Draw/presentation
  • Weapon conditions
  • Safety conditions
  • Strong and support side shooting
  • Pistol malfunctions

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