This course focuses on the fundamentals of Close quarters battle and how to maximize your available personnel effectively in two, three, and four man teams. Students will begin their journey to better understand how to search and or defend their current occupied structure during a multitude of realistic scenarios. Students will be introduced to the decision making process and learn how to identify whose “time line” they are on. The student will also begin to understand how and when to change tempo and tactics as the situation changes or evolves. The students with leave with a deeper understanding of how to manipulate the situation to increase their survivability with common available resources.

Students will greatly increase their operational capabilities and proficiency in terms of mitigating complex deadly force encounters while working within a team. These goals are met through detailed course instruction, demonstration, and practical force-on-force scenarios which result in immediate feedback.

Who can attend?

Open to any law abiding citizen, active or retired law enforcement or military personnel with a basic understanding of firearms safety and handling (It is recommended that all students first attend our Basic Pistol Fundamentals and Safe Handling Course or an equivalent training course conducted by a certified firearms instructor.

What to bring to class?
  • Appropriate Training Attire
  • AR-15 Style Platform with 2 Empty Magazines
  • Clear Ballistic Eye Protection
  • Folding Chair
  • Food, Water, Gloves
  • Inclement Weather Clothing
  • Note-taking Material

Force-on-Force ammo and AR-15 style conversion kits will be provided to all students upon request at an additional cost. Students are welcome to bring their own Force-on-Force man-marking rounds, such as FX & UTM and Associated Bolt. Any questions, email Broken Arrow Defense.


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